Benefit Consulting Firm In Virginia

Who We Are

D & S Agency is an independently owned Virginia employee benefit consulting firm representing corporate clients headquartered in Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia. We place an emphasis on service to our clients – seeking competitive pricing and value from insurance carriers to deliver the best dollar value and benefit strategies to employers and their employees. We emphasize employee communications and high-level service to each employee and family represented.

The biggest issues facing employer health plans today:

  • Elimination of benefits
  • Forcing dependents from benefit plans
  • Reacting to government legislative changes, especially PPACA
  • Cost shifting to employees

In 2005 our peers recommended D & S Agency to a new organization founded in 2002, called United Benefit Advisors. There are three UBA firms in Virginia, about 140 in the U. S., Canada and the U.K. The 140 “type A” independent business owners willingly share best practices, assist partner firms in plan enrollments for employers in multiple states, and provide the largest employer benefit survey in the country. Three times each year we meet for the sole purpose of providing our clients collective wisdom and best services. If we can’t find it, we build it. Through the use of what we call our “Wisdom Network” any tough client question can be posted and within minutes those with expertise respond. We are not a company with a single direction but an organization with 140 independent thinkers with the sole purpose of providing client advisory services second to none.

We will find the best benefit, cost balance and strategy for your company and your employee/dependent population.

For further information about UBA please visit United Benefit Advisors.